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The central type of damage of the central nervous system (stroke, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, head and spinal cord injuries) can cause serious discomfort and change in quality of life. In these conditions, the patient can "pull" his legs, which seriously distorts his mobility and activity. In such cases, an imbalance is created between different muscle groups, that's why active rehabilitation is also needed.

The system we offer is a revolution in the treatment of this condition and greatly improves patients mobility. With it, except that Walking normalizes, it also provides serious rehabilitation assistance, speeding up recovery processes. It is now possible to conduct daily rehabilitation at home.

It is extremely important to maintain the functional state of muscles, reduce spasticity, and most importantly - thanks to the system, one can restore their mobility!

The system helps restore functional gait and improve patient mobility as well as active rehabilitation. Patients who, due to their disease, have central type paresis may use the system. Below are some of the diseases that can lead to a leg lift problem - foot drop.

If you are not sure whether your illness is in the system readings contact us!



Multiple sclerosis

Brain injuries

Spinal injuries

Cerebral Palsy

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