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About the system

Components of the system

1.Main device

A last-generation functional electrostimulator, built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, thanks to which stimulation is provided during walking - in the right phase when the foot has to be lifted. It can work with and without the step sensor which is used in similar devices. Made of breathable fabric, a power button and a charging outlet. The cuff can be washed.

Convenient magnetic fastener for more comfortable fit. The size of the cuff is adjusted to the size of the leg, then only the magnetic mechanism is used. Cufflinks of different sizes - for children and adults. The electrical part of the system is attached to them. They can be washed and cleaned.


2.Quick-fit electrode

Quick-fit electrode has to be wet with water and put on the cuff.

It will be replaced by cuff with integrated electrodes, so no need of complication.

Soon will be updated the information and pictures.

3.Remote control

Remote 4.0. bluetooth wireless technology to manage your walking system. There are several modes of operation, settings. The two main modes of work are training and walking. The training mode lasts 20 minutes. In walking mode, after a few steps the device has gathered the necessary information about the gait and starts operating in the mode. You can adjust the power of the electrical impulse, which is individual to everyone, until you get the strongest and cleanest contraction. Rechargeable battery.

4.Gel pads

Mobile sticky electrodes that you can use repeatedly. With them with maximum precision after determining the motor points of the muscle you achieve the strongest, most accurate and pure muscle contraction. These electrodes play an important part in the rehabilitation process as they can stimulate different musulus groups besides those of the lower leg

5.Peripheral electrostimulator

The peripheral stimulus is a device that can determine the motor point of different muscle groups. It is mainly used by clinicians. Works with two AAA batteries.


A micro USB output is used - standard for most modern phones, which guarantees you versatility and the lack of the ability to stay without a charger.

How does the system work? 

The system is a Functional Electric Stimulator / FES / Stimulation is variable, impulsive, low frequency. The type of wave is an asymmetric two-phase Adjustable frequency 17-40Hz Adjustable pulse width 100-300 us Adjustable intensity of stimulation 0-50+ mA

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